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Microsoft Outlook is a communications tool. Our program focuses on sending and receiving mail messages, using Outlooks calendar tool to schedule appointments, and coordinate business meetings with multiple participants. Subject Matter Experts of Orange County (SmeOC) will also show you how to keep track of personal and business contacts, create task lists and notes to remind you of things that need to be done. Completion of this program, enables participants to:

  1. Address and compose a message, change the message format, check the spelling and grammar and then send the message. You will also attach a file to a message and send a message with voting buttons
  2. Open a message in your inbox, reply to it and forward it to others. You will also print and delete messages
  3. Add an appointment and an event to your calendar, including a recurring appointment. You will also print your calendar
  4. Schedule a meeting with multiple participants, reply to meeting requests, and track meeting responses
  5. Add a contact to the contact folder and view the contact list in different ways. Finally, you will update contact information
  6. Add tasks to a task list and edit them as needed.
  7. Sort messages and find a specified message. You will also organize your mailbox by creating additional folders and moving them around, and deleting folders


  • Getting Started Working with Multiple Worksheets
  • Sending Messages
  • Compose and Send a Message
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Attach pictures, documents and other files to your memo
  • Checking and Replying To Messages
  • Open a Message
  • Open Message Attachment
  • Save Attachment
  • Reply to Message
  • Print Message
  • Mark Message Unread
  • Recall a Message
  • Delete a Message
  • Scheduling Appointments and Events
  • Add an Appointment to the Calendar
  • Schedule a Recurring Appointment
  • Edit Appointment
  • Delete an Appointment
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Reply to a Meeting Request
  • Propose a New Meeting Time
  • Using Contacts
  • Add a Contact
  • Edit a Contact
  • Create a Custom Category
  • Creating Tasks
  • Managing Messages
  • Sort Messages
  • Create a New Folder
  • Move Messages Between Folders
  • Move Folders
  • Delete a Folder

Please note that this is an overview of course modules. SMEoc will add or remove topics based on your specific requirements.

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