MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2007 Sm
Microsoft PowerPoint is the industry standard for presentation design & development, it’s feature-rich, easy-to use interface enables you to create slideshows that combine text, photographs, drawings, tables, and even video. In this program, you’ll learn how to create, modify, and run a basic PowerPoint presentation.┬áCompletion of this program, enables participants to:

  • Develop professional presentations from scratch
  • Create and modify drawn objects on slides
  • Create charts, tables, and graphs for your PowerPoint presentation
  • Apply formatting to text slides in a presentation
  • Prepare a presentation for delivery


  • Screen layout – Navigation
  • Develop a professional presentations from scratch
  • Create a New Presentation Based on a Design Template
  • Add Slides to a Presentation
  • Add Clip Art, Pictures and Graphics
  • Add Transitions to Slides
  • Save a Slideshow
  • Edit Slide Text
  • Animation of Photo’s, graphics and text
  • Drawing Objects on Slides
  • Importing Excel spreadsheets, Word Documents
  • Create hyperlinks to the Internet, external files or other slides
  • Insert WordArt
  • Draw Lines and Shapes on Slides
  • Creating Charts and Tables
  • Create and modify Organization Charts
  • Insert a Table on a Slide
  • Create a Column Chart
  • Modify a Chart
  • Formatting
  • Apply Character Formats
  • Align Text
  • Slide Master
  • Spell Check a Presentation
  • View the Slide Show
  • Arrange Slides in a Presentation
  • Print Slides, Speaker Notes, and handouts

Please note that this is an overview of course modules. SMEs Inc. will add or remove topics based on your specific requirements.

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