Windows 7

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Windows 7 and File Management

Learn how to customize your work environment by modifying the Taskbar. Create and use shortcuts to manage daily tasks, retrieve and delete files with the Recycle Bin, and modify the Start menu to organize your files. Install programs, fonts, and printers to manage and view your work. This course is for the experienced Windows user who wants to build skills to customize work environments.


  • New features of the operating system
  • Modifying the Taskbar to customize your work environment
  • Creating and using shortcuts to manage daily tasks
  • Using Windows Explorer to manage files
  • Copy / Cut / Paste
  • Drag and drop
  • Folder creation
  • File creation
  • Renaming files / folders
  • Folder / file deletion
  • Views
  • Expand / Collapse
  • Navigation
  • Recycling Bin vs. Permanent deletion
  • Locating files quickly using keyword searches
  • Customizing the display to personalize your desktop
  • Customizing the taskbar for quick access to programs and tools
  • Installing & uninstalling programs to manage your work

Please note that this is an overview of course modules. SMEoc will add or remove topics based on your specific requirements.

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